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Evolve with Esther

Discover your voice in dating, relationships, and your career.
Learn the art of standing up and staying true to yourself.


Passionate about giving others the tools to lead their own lives.

Many people try to avoid or ignore their feelings because they lack the time or energy to focus on them. By immersing ourselves in our emotions within a secure and explorative environment, we expose ourselves to the chance to decipher the messages these feelings convey and to determine how to address them. The process of attuning to our emotions serves as a means to discover our identity and understand our functioning. As we acquire these skills and incorporate them into our toolkit, we learn to be mindful of our future needs.

What I Do as a Coach

My Role:

I will partner with you through conversation to help you reach your goals. My job is to listen, support, and question, in order to encourage new insights.

Using NLP in Coaching:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a way to bring subconscious thoughts to your awareness. By using subtle techniques and questions, NLP has the ability to help you open doors to new thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.

The structure of a Session:

Outdoor Meditation

What is on your mind?

Identify your challenge.

Discuss the details.

Set your goal.

Long Train Ride

Journey to transformation

With the goal in mind, we will continue the session through conversation and NLP techniques to help you move towards your desired outcome. 

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Wrapping it all up

Opportunity to look forward with your new awareness and set some future pacing steps to act on your new motivation.


When I first met with Esther at the coaching session, I immediately had the feeling of being well received. Her warm charisma was very helpful to be able to be open and honest with myself. At no moment did I feel like I had to hold back or hide anything because otherwise I would be judged. Even at the times when I felt like we were going very deep into my problems, she was able to stay on top of things and keep me grounded. I felt heard and seen at all times.

Through each session, Esther helped me get a clearer view of my challenges. She did this in such an intuitive and supportive way that I felt like I was growing through the conversations. She never told me what to do, and gave exactly the right questions and comments at the right time. For that very reason, I would say that I was able to take something away from the coaching sessions with her for the future. She is a great person to reflect on one's situation with! Instead of building a dependency, I learned how to approach my challenges more independently. I thank Esther from the bottom of my heart and definitely recommend her coaching!



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Phone: (347) 450-9384

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